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How Ancient Egypt Built the Obelisks?

The ancient Egyptians built obelisks by quarrying a single piece of stone and carving it into shape using copper chisels and bronze tools. Obelisks were often made from granite, which is a very hard and durable material that was available in large quantities in Upper Egypt. The process of building an obelisk typically began with the selection of a suitable piece of granite from a quarry. The stone was then marked with red ochre or a similar pigment to indicate the areas that needed to be carved away. The ancient Egyptians...

Video .. A new archaeological discovery of Luxor dazzles the world

Newly discovered archaeological tomb in Luxor, containing coffins and funerary parts of the central kingdom in the tombs of Luxor province. The graveyard contains a family of different ages during the Roman period of the 19th and 20th Dynasties. It was called "Va Rakhtef", and its owner was a military and religious person of the god Amun.  The scientists also found "Ein Horus" between the drawings on the side of a coffin inside the mummy of a woman called "Boya or Puy" wrapped in linen, and found a wooden coffin dating back...

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